Excerpts from In The Path Of Gods

“I’m from Elysius,” Charlie said. “I’m more of an errand boy than anything else.” With that he grinned and Johnny found himself won over.  “Oh, this woman I’m looking for, might come in with a question, like ‘have you heard any news from Athens?’ If she does use that phrase, tell her this: ‘Sooner or later everyone walks the Stygian path.’ Got that?” Johnny nodded.

Circe decided that the summons to Elysius and all that entailed would probably take at least three or four years to complete, when one included travel to Terra, then travel to Elysius and back again to Clovis. For all that Clovis was a dull mining asteroid, Circe had found a great deal of peace and satisfaction at becoming a skilled professional during her decades there. Other worlds, even Terra nowadays, couldn’t compete with that.

“I suppose the simplest way of explaining things would be that I’m from a large and extensive family, with several people trying to prove themselves the best family leader. Our current leader has been in charge for a lot of time, and depending on how the different members of the family have aligned themselves, there could be a lot of pressure to change things,” Circe was circum­spect in her phrasing. The council of gods could get extremely fractious and therefore she didn’t want anything to reverberate on her or anyone around her. It was one of the main reasons she had chosen to stay neutral on many of the issues facing the gods.