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31 Days to Love

Customer reviews

What makes 31 Days to Love different from “standard” romance novels? From the first page, you are deeply into the minds of the characters, feeling their confusions, sorting out the truths of life and love right along with them. Also enjoying their happinesses, and fretting over their worries.

“…VERY enjoyable characters that you really get to know well…”
         “And the characters were very real and I could totally relate to them…”
         “…all the characters were so very likeable.”

Life is a puzzle, but not an unsolvable puzzle. This book is about understanding. Few human activities are more rewarding than understanding. That lightbulb turning on is one of the best feelings a person can have. This book has a lot of lightbulbs.

“Your book is so interesting, because it’s actually a philosophical look at the subject of what-the-hell IS
romance, anyway.”
          “It’s light reading, giving all the viewpoints one could imagine and ones you couldn’t…. and in the end, you
will find your own view of ROMANCE!”

It’s not a “heavy” book. 31 Days to Love is a fast, light read, but it almost demands to be read again, and then again, because each time through gives its details more meaning. You might be able to resist for a week or two, but in some spare minute you are going to pick it up again and get hooked again and enjoy it just as much or more.

“I knew it was good while I was reading it, but you never know HOW good a book is till you get to the end.”
         “You tell an interesting story that really makes you want to read to the end right from the beginning.”
         “I normally read SciFi and Crime or Spy novels. So when I picked this up I was pleasantly surprised because
this novel pulled me right into the story line. I mean it was just like go!”

You can find further positive reviews at Amazon: One of the best Romance Novels ever written.

I offer a full refund

There’s a reason I offer a full refund if you don’t like 31 Days to Love, which NOBODY does for an ebook. See the terms and conditions for the details.

Just be warned, there are spicy (not steamy) parts, so if spicy parts make you uncomfortable, don’t buy the book. The spicy parts are not there just to add spice, however. They are part of the whole mystery of love and romance, and they are relevant to the solution. May not be suitable for ages 16 and under.

This is a “can’t go wrong” book that you will be happy to recommend and perhaps buy in paperback for birthday and Christmas presents.
Please do post a review on Amazon and whichever other venue you purchase it from.