Don Dewsnap has dedicated the rest of his life to writing and publishing books that help people understand, that improve their lives, and that lift their spirits.

Words, especially written words,can increase a person’s ability, or resolve disagreements, or reveal new ways to view life. Whether fiction or non-fiction, poetry or prose, how-to or science, words can provide the tools a person needs to get the most out of life.

Everyone decides how to act based on what they believe.Those decisions and beliefs are best that are based on truth. Don pledges to provide only true data in his non-fiction, to the best of his ability.

For the rest, the fiction and poetry, look for works that make you look at the world in new ways or that share experiences that have made lives better. Or sometimes just entertain.

To learn more about Don Dewsnap’s background and outlook on life, check out his Personal page here. But please, check out the books below first.

Not Your Usual Love Story

31 Days to Love asks the question, “What is romance?” Roger and Susan give themselves a month to find the answer, and then to either go through with their marriage or call it quits.

A fast-paced book, 31 Days shares five viewpoints with astonishing personal realism. The main characters’ questions become your questions, questions about love and romance you also want to answer. And you will, in your own way, as they do in theirs. Both you and they end up richer for the understanding.

31 Days to Love is that rare kind of book that satisfies just as much on the second and third readings. This is not a throwaway book.

Click here to read a few selections. Then dive into a few hours’ pure pleasure.


The Gods Must Assemble

When Zeus summons the gods back to their home planet Elysius, the enchantress Circe must obey.

Piecing together clues on the long journey, she begins to divine the reason for this first gathering of the gods in over two millennia…and the fracturing of space and time that would follow if they could not overcome their jealousies and work together.

Only the gods had kept order in the galaxy for so long. What Circe could now see coming was the beginning of Chaos.


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Coming Soon

Four Books By December! Or Maybe Five!

In September, I will publish my wife Victoria Dewsnap’s scifi/fantasy book In The Path Of Gods: Beginning Chaos. It is about the old gods and the planet they come from, now under interstellar military and economic attack by an even more ancient being, recently awakened and more than a little irritated for it. Beginning Chaos is the first in a series.

Shortly thereafter will come out updated versions of Anyone Can Improve His or Her Life: The Principles of Quality, an effective self-improvement book, and Small Business Magic, which show how those selfsame principles of quality can all but guarantee success for any small business. These books contain a new, proven, easy-to-apply outlook on quality that you will never read about anywhere else. Here’s a hint: knowing something works doesn’t mean it will always work. You have to know why. The Whys are the Principles.

Somewhere in there, probably in November, I’ll dust off my book of 20 or so short science fiction stories called The Adventures of the Soldiers of Light, for the 8-12-year-old market. Grownups like them too, and one inspired moviemaker keeps telling me he wants to turn them into short films, but that hasn’t happened yet.

There is also a chance that my wife’s Christmas novel about one of Santa’s daughters will be ready by December. I hope so.

Next year, we’ll really get cranking. You ain’t seen nothing yet.